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Full Day Fishing – Trolling/Deep sea fishing
'Bout Time:4 persons max €1000

Have a full day chasing the Popular Names in the Big Game Fishing, and have a chance to get the catch of a lifetime with GAM'S CHARTERS!

Sandwiches, snacks, soft drinks and drinking water is available onboard.

Duration: 8 Hours

Starts: 8:00 am

Half Day Fishing – Trolling/Deep sea fishing
'Bout Time:4 persons max €550

You'll be surprised with what can happen in 4 hours fishing with GAM'S CHARTERS in the Seychelles Waters.

Locally made snacks, soft drinks and water is available onboard.


Duration : 4 hours

Starts : 8.00 am or 1:00 pm

Night Fishing – Bottom Fishing

'Bout Time:4 persons max €700

What doesn't happen during the day happens when the sun goes down! Find out what is biting in the Seychelles when the tropical sun is out of sight. 

Soft drinks and water are provided.

Duration : 3 hours

Starts : 17.00 pm 

Full Day Picnic
'Bout Time:4 persons max €600

From Belombre Jetty or Beau Vallon Beach we cruise along the coast, do a bit of sight-seeing which will lead us to the Marine Park where you'll be doing some fish feeding and snorkeling. You'll then head to a nice beach for a beach BBQ which comprises of fish, chicken, sausages and garlic bread on the grill accompanied by fresh salad and exotic fruits for dessert.



Duration : 7 hours

Starts : 9.00 am

*Marine Park Fee is not included in price.

Full Day Combo:
'Bout Time:4 persons max €800

The complete and most popular trip GAM’S CHARTERS offer. Upon departure from Belombre Jetty you'll head straight to the fishing grounds. The experienced crew will do their ultimate best for you to have the catch of your life. An island BBQ consisting of the catch of the day on the grill accompanied with BBQ chicken, garlic bread and some fresh mixed salad followed by Seychelles exotic fruit for dessert.

We end the day with a visit in one of our Marine Parks for some fish feeding and snorkelling in our crystal clear waters.


Duration : 8  hours

Starts : 8.00 am

*Marine Park Fee is not included in price.

Cruise around Mahé Island Cruise
'Bout Time:4 persons max €1000

Visit the coast of Mahe Island by boat. See our beautiful beaches even the ones with no road access. Snorkel in different spots including Marine Parks. Have a BBQ on the beach with fish, chicken, garlic bread and fresh salad on the menu followed with exotic fruit for dessert. The crew will help with any historical information about the different places around the island.


Duration : 8 hours

Starts : 9.00 am 

*Marine Park Fee is not included in price.

Marine Park Visit
'Bout Time:4 persons max €300

Visit one of our protected marine environments. Feed the friendly fishes or even mingle with them by doing some snorkelling.

Masks and snorkel are available on board.


Duration : 3 hours

Starts : 9:00 am or 1:00pm

*Marine Park Fee is not included in price.

Sunset Cruise
'Bout Time:4 persons max €400

A cruise while the sun is setting is a dream come true. Finish off the day with GAM'S CHARTERS seeing the tropical sun disappear on the horizon of the Indian Ocean.


Duration : Until after sunset

Starts : 5:00 pm

Praslin/La Digue Day Transfer
'Bout Time:4 persons max €1000

Take a day to visit one of the world’s top 10 beaches on Praslin, Anse Lazio, or take a taxi to go around the island. Around lunchtime we head to La Digue. Rent bicycles as it’s the main means of transport. The skipper will tell you what time to be back at the jetty.


Duration : 9 hours

Starts : 8.00 am - 5.00 pm

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